Bonnie Paulson (FYI owner) is a USA Today Best-Selling Author (it's not a thing anymore, but when it was, it was SOOO cool!) who specializes in marketing services for other authors (she even dabbles in blogger work on the side).

In the beginning of her ad management in 2021, Bonnie's clients collectively made $250k net. In 2022, those same clients made a collective $2.5 million net with the tried and tested ad and marketing strategies set forth in monthly planning sessions.

We're just going up and up since!

With 14 pen names and more than 200 assets under her publishing umbrella, Bonnie has seen success in various forms in the industry and is now happy defining success for herself and helping others find theirs.

There's nothing quite like finding your indie.

Reach out and find out how we can help.

Mandie Stevens is a multifaceted professional, excelling as a social media manager, ad strategist, and a published author under three pen names. With extensive experience in promoting books on social media, she understands the nuances of the industry and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Adding to her impressive portfolio, Mandie is the host of a highly-regarded book convention in Florida. The event is a sought-after platform for readers and authors to gather, learn, and be entertained.

With her diverse skills and knowledge, Mandie is a valuable asset for any author or business looking to navigate the complex world of social media and advertising.