Brooklyn Ann

I met Bonnie Paulson when she was a fellow RWA chapter member and just got a book deal with a small press. I watched her delve into indie publishing and go from making a few bucks on the side to taking in six figures. So when I ventured into indie publishing with my “Brides of Prophecy” series, I constantly asked her for advice.

Every time I followed Bonnie’s advice, from outlining, goal setting, forming a business plan, and marketing my books, my productivity and book sales have increased.

So when she decided to make a series of courses, I thought that was an excellent plan. I took her first one: “How to Build a Kick Butt Business Plan,” and not only did it contain many things I’d learned from her, I also learned even more! And the second course, “How to Build a Blazing Brand” is essential to any author.

If you’re an author who is serious about making writing your career, I cannot recommend Bonnie’s courses at Finding Your Indie enough.