Ninja Newsletter Course Launch with a GIVEAWAY!

Alphasmart Neo

**Just the Course – Click here!***

Oh, yes, you read that right! This is an awesome giveaway. Simple and easy to do – just sign up for the Finding Your Newsletter and receive a welcome letter with a free printout of 10 Must-Haves for Every Indiepreneur, the next day receive free access to the How to Build a Stunning Media Kit course and be ENTERED for a chance to win ONE of FIVE **Alphasmart Neos.

For every entry on the rafflecopter, you’ll up your chances of winning! And the tasks are easy!

No purchase necessary!

With the IndiePreneur newsletter you’ll also hear about great tips and tricks applicable to your author/creative business and receive awesome discounts and other information on some of the amazing courses we have for you!

BUT Instead of getting an email a day, it’s more spread out than that. You won’t get spammed and you can unsubscribe at any time!


SIGN UP for the How to Build and Maintain a Ninja Newsletter List and get automatic entry as well! WHAT? The awesomeness is overwhelming! Oh my goodness! 

You’re signing up for a chance to win a Neo and to get access to all this great information. When you’re “Neo’d” up, you’ll have a chance to unplug and just write – WIP, blog posts, newsletters, grocery lists – anything! But do it with everything turned off!

My productivity has gone up since I started using mine! And one of the best things? You can take it to the beach, the park, anywhere outside because it has a screen like a calculator and it runs on AA batteries! What?! Yes, as well as booting up in less than 3 seconds.

This little word processor is my new boyfriend! Even my husband approves when I take him to bed with me.

**Alphasmart Neos are no longer in production. These Neos have been tested and will come with a new USB cord (which are still made). So the Neos have been used but they are in great condition! I just KNOW you’ll love it.

***Continental US for the giveaway only, I’m sorry.

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