How to Build and Maintain a Ninja Newsletter List!

Get your Ninja Newsletter On!!


You’re ready to get your Indie On and the next big step is cultivating your newsletter list.

Don’t be discouraged. You can do it! And I’m here to help.

With this course, you not only learn how to get subscribers to join, but you learn how to keep them and how to get them to click what you’re sending out.

Because a newsletter is gold and should be treated as such.

You’ll soon have access to over 100 lectures based SOLELY on helping your Indiepreneur spirit SUCCEED.

Check out the curriculum list – filled with over 100 lessons on every aspect of the newsletter and its uses, and also on

  • how to meet the demands of your readers,
  • how to build and create lists,
  • how to increase engagement,
  • how to find relevant topics,
  • how to title your broadcasts,
  • how to avoid the spam folders,
  • how to choose a newsletter provider,
  • how to set up automation,
  • how to deliver digital items,
  • how to revive your lagging lists,
  • and so much more!

Did I mention worksheets? Oh yes, with all the worksheets, I break down everything into easy-to-use action steps.

From start to finish, I’ll show you how to set up

  • Lists
  • Broadcasts
  • Campaigns
  • And More!

Jump on this! Find your indie! You’re building your dreams.

Do it! I’m here to help you!