How to Build a Drip Campaign that Creates a Tsunami

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in the workshop version of this course. 

There are a lot of options here with the shared goal of empowering you to become a INDIEpreneur in your own business. 

Wait, what does that mean?

It means with a workshop there is more hands-on interaction with scheduled times to meet and interact. Plenty of bonuses that will keep you busily growing your campaigns and your business. 

With the course alone you get access to all the information minus the one-on-one directed guidance (but plenty of information, oh the overload!)

Not sure you're ready for drip campaigns? Start with the Ninja Newsletter Course and grow from there!

Spend time with the course and learn to develop amazing drip campaigns that funnel your work right into eager hands. Not other courses, but books. All of the books. And the readers, oh the readers, they can't wait to get their hands on your stories. They just need to be shown where to find them.

This course will cover everything from why and how for a Drip Campaign to what details you should include in each email.

Your target market is the reader. Deliver to them what they want.








Oh my gosh, the list goes on FOREVER!


Here is what you'll find for the curriculum:

Course Intro

Why a drip campaign or any kind of automation?

What do I need?

What do warm readers have to do with sales?

Building Your List Numbers

Organic vs. Promos vs. Ads, etc.

Lists and Segmentation


Incentivizing Signups (I made up a word!)

Newsletter Swaps, etc.

Instafreebie vs. Bookfunnel vs...

Followers vs. Newsletters

Nurturing Your Lists

Email/newsletters and Getting In

Subject Lines

Welcome Emails

Message - What You Want

Warming Up Your List

Giving and What to Give

Two-way Street

Personal but Private

Training to Open and Buy


Tone and Length

Let's Build It!

How to Outline Your Campaign

How to Test It

How to Tweak Your Results

How to Add in Your Backlist and Funnel it Out

Getting Your List to Perform

Bonus Material for the Workshop

Branding Your Newsletter and Self

How to Evergreen Your Drip Campaign and Site

Updating Your Lists and Info

To Cut or Not to Cut

Planning Out Your Newsletter Schedule

How to Build and Maintain Your Ninja Newsletter List course access

A Private Facebook group to utilize the hive minds and get feedback from each other, as well as live videos once a week with interaction.

One-on-One Feedback on Your Drip Campaign Prior to Launch

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